My Favorite Youtube Food Channels

If cooking is your hobby, you should know that Youtube is a great source in cooking tutorials. There are countless of cooking channels there, some are good, some are okay (their recipes seems to be good but unfortunately taken from shaky camera and low lightning so it doesn’t look too appealing) and some other seems to be really REALLY well made and edited.

So these are few of the best food youtube channels I listed, just for you. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Dulce Delight

This is the most recently Youtube channel I subscribe. RaĆ­za Costa, is a Brasil located chef whom specialized in pastry and bakery. She’s hilarious and really fun to watch. The recipes are also mouthwatering and the editing is beautifully well made. She have her own blog where she puts all of her instructions and recipes. Not only that, she also seems to have a splendid taste of music.

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura in the Kitchen is an interactive cooking show hosted by Laura Vitale, This channel mainly focused on Italian cuisine, but sometimes the host takes request from viewers so you can also find cakes, muffins, pies and many other delicious foods here. She even has her own iOS application on App Store.

Similar channels:

Betty’s Kitchen

Joy of Baking

This channel demonstrates selected recipes on . The videos are straight forward and easy to follow. I love this channel because they have great presentations and the recipes are five stars.

They also welcome comments and questions on their recipes on their Facebook page. So, don’t forget to ‘like’ them.


If you’re a fan of Japanese Bento, Snacks, Toys, and other Kawaii Stuffs. This is the perfect channel for you. I can not watch this channel without feeling envy. I mean, who wouldn’t be amazed seeing animals face using sesame seeds, cutted nori (Japanese seaweed) quail eggs, sausages and omellete, right? That would take amazing talent, creativity and patience. They look too pretty to be eaten…

I really recommend this channel even if you’re not a fan of Japanese cuisine.

Similar channel:

Studio Lorien

Cooking With Dog (It’s not what you think!)

Instead, this cute talking dog, Francis, will be host of this show. The Chef will presents you how to cook famous Japanese culinary such as Takoyaki, Katsudon, Okonomiyaki, and many more. And not only that, she will also cook many unique homemade desserts such as Healthy Black Sesame Smoothie, Tofu Rare Cheesecake and Mochi Ice Cream.

My most favorite things about this channels are not only the lovable chef and the dog, but also the hilarious narration accent (which I can only describes as a mixture of French and Japanese accents). The videos are also well edited and the foods are mouthwatering.

Similar channel:

EZ Japanese Cooking


If you’re a gamer or at least have played the game Cooking Mama, you’d love this channel. Basically, Ochikeron is like the real life Cooking Mama! She will show you how to cook Japanese home cooked meals. Some are kawaii (cute) Japanese cuisine. She’s fun to watch, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and the meals are REALLY mouthwatering.

Similar channel:


Honorable mentions:


RRcherrypie actually not really a ‘cooking’ channel, but it’s one of my most favorite channels. So I included it on this list.

This channel will show you kawaii (cute) candies and toys (some even vintage) from Japan. And when you watch the videos don’t forget to set the sound volume up because you’ll tranquillized by all the soothing sounds they make when they unwrap the packages and ‘cook’ the meals, I mean, candies. It may sounds silly at first but when you listen to it you’ll know what I mean.

Similar channel:

Marimo Marshmallow

Update: 9/21/2013


If you’re into Korean hype, you should totally subscribe this channel. Maangchi cooks many range of popular Korean dishes such as kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi (Korean BBQ), also Korean dessert and snacks such as chapssalddeok (Korean style mochi). She’s also so bubbly and funny.

Although you may not find the recipes’ ingredients on your area, her videos are fun to watch nevertheless.

Food Wishes

If you haven’t subscribed to Food Wishes, YOU. SHOULD. DO. IT. RIGHT. NOW. The moment I discovered Food Wishes, I spent the whole night watching it only. It was such a gastronomic experience.

The owner of this channel is Chef John. You can find wide range of mouthwatering western recipes on his channel, as well as dessert, easy side dishes and general tips and techniques on cooking. His narrations are clear, sometimes he throw subtle dad jokes that makes watching the video hilarious.

Chef John is a D.I.L.D — Daddy I’d love to… Dad.

How To Cook That

If you’re into chocolate, desserts & amazing cakes. Then this channel is perfect for you. Ann will cook you from chocolate eclairs to Instagram dessert mousse cake, patterned roll cake to magic chocolate lava cake. The instructions are so clear and easy to follow even if you’re not a skilled chef.